Hi, I'm Abhi Golhar! I help people who want to invest in real estate, but don't know where to start, struggle to find a trustworthy partner, or the right strategy. With years of experience and my network of contacts, I can show you how to deploy your capital and win. Let's launch into action!

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I enjoy working with accredited investors on real estate deals, especially when we can see it from start to finish and build a relationship, together.

I have successfully worked with investors for past projects yielding 10%+ yearly returns*. These opportunities include single-family rental portfolios, single-family new construction and developments, and my personal favorite, value-add multi-family apartment complexes.

Here's the best part: I can help you find the best deals, and trustworthy sponsors and operators so you can achieve awesome returns.

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Entity Selection
For Real Estate Investors

By: Abhi Golhar and Jason Powell The process of buying investment property requires more than just deep pockets. You must understand that taking certain precautions to organize and protect your assets is a must for long-term wealth generation.

What You'll Learn:

✓ Types of Entities
✓ LPs, LLPs, LLLPs, LLCs, Corps
✓ How to form each entity
✓ Management structures
✓ Pros and cons of each
...and more (with no fluff)!

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