Business Operations Matter.

Build a Business, Not a Job

At my core, I love building businesses, entrepreneurship, and discovering your true “why” and potential. My entrepreneurial roots began in high school. You remember those gigantic towers with massive hard drives and CD-ROMs?

Yep, those (or not?).

In the 9th grade, my friend and I started a business repairing hardware and software issues for our neighbors. It was my first venture and it was glorious. We called it “MAX Technologies”. We did well for two high school kids who would otherwise spend the summers riding bikes and playing Super Nintendo.

Since then, I’ve been hooked on creating and helping businesses that: 1. solve specific problems, 2. help others, and 3. turn a profit.

Currently, I consult with real estate businesses (lenders, brokers, agents, etc) and startups on how to:

  • Establish the right sources of funding
  • Identifying where to find opportunities that make sense
  • Building a team to operate your renovation or lending business
  • How to create the right content for your business and leverage it to gain exposure as an industry influencer and contributor to major publications and industry events.
  • How to use social media to your benefit
  • Structuring the right business development tools for your business
  • Elevate your level of “polish” online and offline
  • In need of a process or technology (ex: CRM) overhaul? Yep, I’m your guy.
  • Need to beef up your operations to scale your business? Yep, I can do that too.

As a bonus, I can help real estate companies get the right media exposure too!

Take The Next Step

So I can best understand what you’re looking to accomplish with your real estate business and what I can do to best help, email me: