Beep beep!

Thank you for your interest in connecting with me!

So here’s the scoop: I get 300+ emails, 150+ Slack messages, and 100+ phone calls every day, not including messages on social. It can drive a guy crazy sometimes!

When I first started out, I would allow myself to let the number of unread messages get to a point where I never achieved what I considered perfection – inbox zero.

And what’s worse?

It got me distracted and in complete panic mode, especially because for the first couple years in business, I was able to successfully answer every message that came through. As my brand grew, more people reached out for my help.

What happened you ask?

I spent so many hours in front of my computer and on my phone answering emails, tweets, Instagram DMs, etc every day that I just became overwhelmed.

The good news: I brought on some awesome team members who are able to help me streamline my day and identify the most important tasks and emails first, which we tackle. As a result, you may receive emails from my team with answers to your questions. However, my team does not answer as me, nor do they pretend to be me. If you get a reply from me (Abhi), it’s really me who is answering.

So, even with the help, I still get a ton of email. So please respect the amount of time it might take for one of us to get back to you; as it will not be immediate.

You may also attempt to reach me on InstagramTwitter, Facebook, or Snapchat (username: AbhiGolhar). I am fairly active there throughout the day.

I really appreciate your understanding, and thank you again for checking out the site!

For all media inquires, go here to learn more about me and how to get in touch.