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A big part of my mission with Real Estate Deal Talk is to help shed light on where good deals and operators really are.

As an investor, do you want to get involved in single-family and high-level multi-family deals, but are really frustrated because you just don’t have access to the deals or real estate operators who are trustworthy enough to give your money to? I’ve been there many times.

Enter the Deal Talk Team

I’ve sat through countless coffee meetings and conference calls where operators will pitch deals. Meeting after meeting, conference call after conference call, the pitches from operations promising amazing returns never stops.

The good news is, I’ve figured out the equation. Using a robust spreadsheet I’ve designed, my team and I evaluate opportunities and their operators/sponsors to determine if the numbers and the opportunity can work.

Do You Qualify?

I work with accredited investors. If you qualify, I can help link you up with proven sponsors and vetted opportunities – who do you know that I can help?

How I Can Help

I can’t partner with myself so let’s partner on something together. Do you have a great deal but haven’t found the funding? Or have capital to invest but haven’t found the right deal? This happens so often! And it’s exactly why I exist.

Real estate is all about your network. Build your network and you’ll start to build your net worth. No one can do it alone.

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