REDT 002: Why Passing On The Wrong Deal Is As Important As Finding The Right One

Being an emotional buyer in investments can get you in to serious trouble. After all, real estate investors don't generally dive into real estate investing to become a non-profit!
Sometimes it can be more important to say no to a real estate deal. -Abhi Golhar Click To Tweet We take a close look at how to notice red flags that many providers may try to hide from you, keep in mind they are in the business to make money too.

Sometimes your career and success will be just as tied to the deals that you turn down as the ones you actually do. Actionable real estate intel from Zillow? Yea right. Find an agent. -Lauren Taylor Click To Tweet

What You Will Learn

  • Current Real Estate Deals We're Analyzing
  • Buying With Emotions VS. Logic
  • HGTV, Really?
  • Red Flags To Watch For